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Caregiver Training

Today's competitive organization knows that their promise is only as good as their delivery. Nurturing skilled, knowledgeable caregivers is a foundational pillar in building strong organizations.CNA_Working

Initial Training - aQuire offers many state-specific training bundles designed to help you maximize speed and minimize cost associated with bringing new employees on board. Online learning lets you train each new hire as they come on board, with speed, reduced costs and increased efficiency. Purchase individually as you need it for new hires, or add it to your annual staff training subscription package for substantial savings. Contact us for details - if we don't currently have your state's New Employee Training Package, we'll build it for you at no cost with a one year subscription plan. Currently available: California Orientation, Idaho Orientation, Oregon Home Care Orientation, Oregon Pre-Service Orientation

Ongoing Staff Training - Staff Inservices - Take the pain out of required staff inservices, for you and your team! Online learning gives you total control over your training - topics, timing and compliance. No need to pay overtime for off-duty staff; save time and money while improving flexibility of learning. Our staff training courses cover a broad spectrum of topics; one low monthly subscription fee gives you unlimited access to all courses for all staff. Build the best team possible - train above and beyond the minimum while you're saving time, money and headaches. Contact us for details.

Caregiver Certification - Take your organization to a higher level of service by Certifying every caregiver on your team. It's easy and affordable with aQuire's online caregiver training programs.

    • Personal Care Aide Certification: Perfect for individuals caregivers. Comprehensive 40 hour online course provides the foundation for quality care in a client's home or in a community based care setting. Details


    • In-home Care Training: Subscribe to unlimited training for all staff, starting at only $50 per month. Details


    • Assisted Living Caregiver Training: Initial or ongoing training, caregiver certification and more is available 100% online. Save time, money and effort while you build a stronger, more engaged team. Details

Build your team - we're here to help!


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