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Caregiver Training Courses

These courses have been specifically designed to prepare individuals for work as a caregiver in an in-home setting, boarding home, or an assisted living or residential care community.

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A Guide to Being a Companion Homemaker: Roles & Responsiblities VBTP-V12 $13.99 This video describes the roles and responsibilities of the companion homemaker and teaches important professional, communication and social skills for success on the job.

A Guide to Being a Companion Homemaker: Safety & Housekeeping VBTP-V13 $13.99 This video provides essential information about safety and housekeeping skills and gives practical instruction about cleaning products and methods.

Assisting with Medications VBTP-V16 $13.99 This video teaches unlicensed home care personnel how to assist with medications and remain within their scope of practice.

Body Systems and the Aging Process CG-009 $15.99 Understanding the aging process, how it affects the person and how the caregiver can help is the basis of this course. Systems discussed include cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, muscular, nervous, skeletal, urinary and the senses.

Caregiver Conduct: Regulations, Co-workers and Families CG-026 $15.99 Learn how to stay in compliance with the requirements of your state and local regulations, while you learn a positive teamwork approach with families and co-workers.

Caregiver First Aid - Burns and Poisons CG-131 $15.99 Burns and poisons: Learn how to provide emergency first aid for a burns and how to identify when to call for medical response. The poisons portion will help you identify common household items and plants that are poisonous and what to do if you suspect a

Caregiver First Aid - Choking and Falls CG-133 $15.99 These are two of the most common emergency situations with an elderly clientele.

Caregiver First Aid - Heart Attack and Shock CG-132 $15.99 Knowing the signs and symptoms of a heart attack and what action to take immediately - is vital when working with an elderly or disabled population.

Caregiver First Aid - Other Sudden Emergencies CG-135 $15.99 Do you know what to do in an emergency? When to call 911 and when to watch and wait?

Caregiver First Aid - Stroke and Wounds CG-134 $15.99 Time is the most important element when responding to either stroke symptoms or to a wound.

Caregiver Wellness VBTP-V9 $13.99 This video teaches home care professionals and primary caregivers practical solutions for reducing stress and cultivating wellness.

Caregiving Core Values and Teamwork CG-001 $15.99 This course covers the core values of caregiving, understanding the range of caregiver duties, the basics of client rights, and understanding other team members' roles.

Caregiving Tasks and Client Populations CG-002 $15.99 Learn the basic scope of a caregiver's job including how to preserve your clients' safety and integrity, help with mobility and independence, and how to work within the rules and regulations that govern your job.

Caring for Someone with Early to Mid Stage Alzheimer's Disease VBTP-C3 $13.99 This video defines Alzheimer's disease and its effects and teaches positive communication techniques that allow home care professionals and primary caregivers to respond with more flexibility and consideration.

Clientspeak: Patronizing Language CFC06 $15.99 Everything from the tone to what words you use affects the people in your care, and this course identifies what type of speech can offend, and what type can positively affect the relationship between caregiver and client.

Common Chronic Diseases in the Senior Population - 2 Hours CG-010 $28.99 This 2 credit course will help you understand common diseases affecting the elderly population, including Alzheimer's disease, COPD, cancer, CHF, diabetes, Parkinson's, stroke and more.

Common Communicable Diseases in the Senior Population - 2 Hours CG-011 $28.99 This 2 credit course will help you understand common communicable diseases affecting the elderly population, including AIDS, colds, influenza, hepatitis, MRSA, pneumonia, TB and more.

Communicating with Others - 2 Hours CG-004 $28.99 This 2 credit course will help you understand how to communicate with impaired clients, individuals with Alzheimer's or memory loss, agitated people and others in your work.

Elder Abuse & Neglect VBTP-V7 $13.99 This video teaches home care professionals and primary caregivers about the complexities of elder abuse in the home and presents signs and symptoms for each form of abuse.

Elimination and Toileting CG-018 $15.99 This course will help the caregiver understand the entire digestive process and know what to watch for in clients to ensure good bowel and bladder function, as well as good toileting and incontinence care.

End of Life Care CG-024 $15.99 Death and dying is a part of the caregiver's job, especially when caring for the elderly. This course helps the caregiver understand advance directives, tasks for the dying person, stages of grief and how to say goodbye.

Environmental Hazards and Safety CG-015 $15.99 In this course you will learn how to help create a safe, comforting environment, and how to keep it free from hazards. Creating and maintaining a safe environment is important for both you and your clients.

Essential Bedrest Skills VBTP-V1 $13.99 This video teaches home care professionals and primary caregivers the essential skills needed when caring for someone on bedrest.

Ethics and Personal Rights CG-003 $15.99 Ethics is the art of knowing the right thing to do, even in confusing circumstances. This course will help you better manage those gray areas when it's hard to know the right thing to do.

Fire Safety VBTP-V6 $13.99 This video teaches home care professionals and primary caregivers how to reduce the chance of a fire starting in the home, and how to exit successfully if there is a fire.

Handling Difficult Situations and Behaviors - 2 Hours CG-012 $28.99 This 2 credit course provides a foundation for handling a variety of difficult behaviors, including aggressive, disruptive, and repetitive behavior, wandering, Sundowner's and resistance to care.

HIPAA and Client Rights CG-005 $15.99 No matter what the care setting, your clients have rights - rights to privacy, dignity, independence and respect, among other things. Learn how to apply these rights in your daily work with all clients.

HIPAA for Caregivers VBTP-V15 $13.99 This video describes HIPAA guidelines and teaches home care providers about the importance of maintaining confidentiality in a variety of settings.

How to Help Someone Who Uses a Wheelchair VBTP-V2 $13.99 This video provides specific training needed in order to provide safe, effective care for clients who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids.

How to Manage Medications VBTP-V4 $13.99 This video teaches primary and family caregivers safe practices for administering and storing various types of medications.

How to Measure Vital Signs VBTP-V10 $13.99 This video teaches home care professionals and primary caregivers the skills and techniques necessary to take and record vital signs accurately.

How to Use a Mechanical Lift VBTP-V11 $13.99 This video demonstrates a step-by-step procedure for moving a person from bed to wheelchair and from wheelchair to bed using a mechanical lift, addressing safety concerns at each stage of the procedure.

Human Needs and Development CG-008 $15.99 Learn about basic needs and how the aging individual's needs change. Gain an understanding of the issues of death and sexuality in aging, too.

Infection Control CG-014 $15.99 Good infection control starts with proper handwashing, but continues through many steps the caregiver can take. Understanding this topic will help you keep your clients - and yourself and others - as healthy as possible.

Infection Control and Bloodborne Pathogens VBTP-V3 $13.99 This video teaches home care professionals and primary caregivers what causes infection, how germs are spread, how to protect themselves from germs and how to maintain healthy home care conditions. .

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living CG-020 $15.99 Many caregivers assist clients with daily living tasks like cooking, cleaning, shopping, transportation, medication and even pet care. Learn how to do these tasks efficiently and appropriately with this course.

Managing your Work and Avoiding Caregiver Stress CG-025 $15.99 Organizing work can be one of the most stressful tasks a new caregiver faces. This course teaches you how to manage your work and how to handle the stressful aspects of your job as you grow in your career.

Measuring Vital Signs - 2 Hours CG-022 $28.99 This 2 credit course will help the caregiver understand the vital signs that measure well-being: pulse, blood pressure, temperature, respiration, and pain. Learn what is normal, and what to do when a vital sign is outside the normal range.

Nutrition and Hydration CG-017 $15.99 Proper nutrition and adequate hydration are some of the most important aspects to maintaining the health of your clients. Learn how to manage these elements and how to prepare or supervise healthy meals with this course.

Nutrition and Meal Preparation for Older Adults VBTP-V14 $13.99 This video teaches important information about nutrition for older adults. It presents skills and tools that enable home care professionals and primary caregivers to develop enjoyable, healthy meals that suit each client's particular needs.

Observation, Reporting & Documentation VBTP-V18 $13.99 This video teaches home care personnel about observation, reporting and documentation, three important areas of client care.

Observation, Reporting and Recording CG-023 $15.99 As a caregiver your skills of observation, reporting and recording are vital to helping the rest of the care team provide the best care possible to your clients. Sharpen those skills with this class.

Personal Care VBTP-V8 $13.99 This video teaches home care professionals and primary caregivers the principles behind personal care and how to perform procedures safely and respectfully.

Promoting and Maintaining Good Mobility - 2 Hours CG-016 $28.99 This is a 2 credit course. Helping clients with mobility includes learning skills to safely assist with transferring, walking, range of motion and more. The goal is to keep your clients moving, while keeping them - and you - safe.

Promoting Your Clients' Independence CG-006 $15.99 Keeping clients as independent as possible is a cornerstone of good care. Learn how to maintain your clients' independence, while also providing care when needed. This course covers topics of skin care and positioning for more dependent clients, too.

Proper Body Mechanics & Back Safety VBTP-V17 $13.99 This video teaches home care personnel and family caregivers the principles of body mechanics and the importance of learning to move correctly in order to avoid injury.

Providing Personal Care CG-019 $15.99 Learn to capably assist a client with personal care tasks like bathing, dressing and grooming, as well as oral care, foot care and even how to give a client a gentle massage.

Providing Skin Care CG-021 $15.99 Skin is the body's first defense against infection. Learn to protect your clients' skin against breakdowns and infections with this course.

Reporting Abuse ABUS03 $15.99 Elder abuse is a serious concern for senior care providers. In this course you will learn more about how and when to report abuse.

Safety In and Around the Home: Fall Prevention VBTP-V5 $13.99 This video teaches care providers how to reduce the risk of falls inside and outside of the home while encouraging independence.

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Results 1 - 50 of 57
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